Tales to Tell of Stories

Visited In: November 2010
Gluten Free Menu: No; almost all items available gluten-free
Server Knowledge:
Server Attitude:
Variety of Gluten-Free Options:
Overall Gluten-Friendly Rating:
Price Range: $25 – $30 (Entrée only)

I have always wanted to visit the Stories dining room in The Halliburton, so in November Mike and I decided to take advantage of a buy one get one free coupon and treat ourselves to dinner there for our six-month anniversary. (Well, to be honest, he did the treating. 🙂 )

It was a cold night but their small dining room was warm and cozy, with just a few other groups surrounding us. Our waiter was pleasant and friendly without being overly familiar or casual, which would have been out of place here. When he delivered the menu (which changes every night), I asked what he would recommend for me as I have a gluten allergy.

He said that I could order almost anything on the menu and they would adjust the dish to accommodate me. (He did suggest that I avoid the crab cakes as removing the bread crusting might ruin the dish.) He also mentioned that when making a reservation I should let them know in advance as they would be able to bake gluten-free bread for me, but apologized that they had not baked any that day. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge and by their flexibility. It’s a real treat to be able to choose from an entire menu!

Mike and I quickly decided on rice paper wrapped scallops ($13) as an appetizer. He chose the bison for his entrée ($35), while I chose a grass-fed beef striploin ($33). We also ordered some wine to share. The scallops arrived and were to die for – nice and tender, cooked to perfection, and lightly wrapped in rice paper with ginger vinaigrette. We consumed them quite quickly!

Our entrées were just as spectacular – perfectly cooked, intriguingly seasoned, and beautifully presented. I really enjoyed my meal, especially since I knew it was gluten-free and almost certainly not contaminated. We also enjoyed sharing our food; it was nice not to have to worry about cross-contamination and watching which utensils touched what for a change.

I wasn’t sure if I had room for dessert, but when the waiter brought the menus back to us, he mentioned that I could have any dessert I wanted except for the berry tart. I asked about the terrine and he said, “It’s like fudge and cake had a baby.” SOLD! I ordered that while Mike had the flourless chocolate cake.

The terrine was out of this world. I didn’t want to share! It was exactly as the server had described – chocolaty, rich, and decadent. I even enjoyed the mango coulis that came on the side. Mike’s flourless chocolate cake was also excellent, particularly since it came with a delicately flavored ice cream.

This was probably one of the most expensive dinners I have ever had, but it was definitely the most delightful. The fact that I could really enjoy my food, and share it, made it that much better. I’m looking forward to another special occasion and another Story to tell.

5184 Morris Street (Halifax)
Web Site: http://www.storiesdining.com/


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