Do I Have to Read Labels on EVERYTHING???

One thing that I have learned the hard way is that yes, you do have to read labels on every single thing that comes near your body. That includes skin and hair care products.

I have inadvertently used gluten containing products a few times. In one memorable instance, I dyed my hair only to find out the hair dye contained wheat germ. I had weird bumps all over my head for a day or two! Most recently, I had a scary, scaly rash on my neck. I discovered that a sparkly body spray from Bath and Body Works (which I had been using for the holidays) contained oats. Upon further examination, I found that a foaming body wash from them contained oats, too. (Luckily, everything else in my stockpile is safe!)

This article from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness states that “gluten CANNOT be absorbed through the skin from skin care products” although it can be absorbed through the lips and mouth.  However, sensitivity expert Dr. Fine states on that, “gluten sensitivity is a systemic immune reaction to gluten anywhere in the body.” This seems to reflect the experience of most people with Celiac disease, and is the opinion that I personally take.

I guess we’re all different, but I’d say to read all your labels just to be safe! What has been your experience with skin care products?


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