Gluten-Free Food is a Tax Deduction!

We just found out something interesting while doing our taxes: you can claim the higher cost of gluten-free food as a medical expense. The official Canadian government site is here, while information about the United States tax ruling is here. (If you’re outside of these two areas, check with your tax agency to see if you are eligible.)

Basically, you need to prepare a summary sheet showing the average cost of each item, the cost of the gluten-free item, what the difference is, and how many of that item you purchased during the year. You can then claim the total difference as a medical expense. In the United States, you can claim mileage and shipping costs, too!  You need all of your receipts and a letter from a doctor stating that you do have Celiac disease.

It sounds like a pain in the butt, but a little work all year could really help offset the costs of gluten-free food, particularly for low income families. Get your gluten-free tax year off to a great start!

I’ve created an Excel template to summarize the claimable expenses for Canada. (U.S. residents might want to add travel claims to this sheet.) You can download it here.


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