Head Chef at U.S. Restaurant Calls Gluten-Free “BS”

Damian Cardone, a chef at Florindo’s Italian Cuisine in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has posted this on his Facebook page:

Gluten free is bullshit!! Flour and bread have been a staple of life for thousands, THOUSANDS of years. People who claim to be gluten intolorent dont realize that its all in there disturbed liitle heads. People ask me for gluten free pasta in my restaurant all the time, I tell em sure, Then I serve serve em our pasta, Which I make from scratch with high gluten flour. And you know what? nothing, NOTHING! ever happens! People leave talking about how good they feel gluten free and guess what, They just had a full dose! Idiots!”

There is also this gem: “May god help the Liberal hippie idiot whos going to ask for gluten free pasta this weekend.”

This is just appalling. It looks like the Reddit hivemind is taking some action… but it’s terrible to see such appalling, harmful behavior from someone who is supposed to be an executive chef in the food industry.

UPDATE: The Facebook pages referenced above are now unavailable. Will keep you up to date if I hear more on this winner of a chef!

UPDATE 2: Here


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