Thanks to Damian Cardone!

I’d like to say thank you to Damian Cardone, the asinine Colorado chef who sparked an Internet uproar a few days ago by ranting on Facebook about how gluten-free food is nonsense, and how he often served customers regular pasta when they asked for gluten-free pasta.

Cardone’s infuriating remarks have spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, hitting major media outlets like the Denver Post and The View. In turn, allergies in general, Celiac disease, and the gluten-free diet have been thrust into the spotlight. Awareness has been raised and people are becoming more educated.

So thank you, Mr. Cardone. By publicly displaying your ignorance and intolerance, you have raised awareness for the very cause that you called “bullshit.”


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  1. #1 by Kevin Lawton on August 4, 2011 - 1:03 pm

    Unfortunately, for the people who do have Celiac’s disease, this is a very real issue and for these people, ingestion of any gluten can cause a myriad of adverse health effects. I do believe that there are many people claiming gluten intolerence who do not actually have Celiac’s disease. As a matter of fact, I think these people far outnumber those who actually have Celiac’s. I do understand where this chef is coming from with his comments however, it’s very clear that he picked a very poor manner in which to articulate his feelings on the subject. He is creating hundreds of meals a night and creating special menu items does take time and effort. Either he has a gluten free menu, or, he doesn’t, it’s as simple as that but, on the other hand, I have seen supposedly gluten intolerant individuals go into a restaurant and turn the wait staff and the kitchen inside out with their demands and I can see how this can create problems for an establishment like his.

    My gripe is with claimed gluten hypersensitivity and supposedly gluten intolerant individuals. The idea that even seeing bread in close proximity causes sickness is in and of itself a manifestation of a larger psychological issue. There is no physiological merit to this claim, so, if these people are going to have panic attacks with regard to gluten and proximity to their bodies, then, they need to get some counseling in order to learn how to deal with anxiety and stop running rough shod over other people’s lives.

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