Have a Happy Gluten-Free Easter!

It’s Easter weekend, and for most of us it means happy bunnies, yummy treats, and family dinners. If you or a family member has Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, you want your events to be gluten safe so that everyone can enjoy the holiday.

Gluten-Free Easter Treats

There are plenty of gluten-free easter candies out there. Jellybeans and marshmallow-based treats are often safe. Lindor chocolates, unfortunately, have barley in them. Laura Secord chocolates often have the label, “May contain wheat,” as do many cheaper store brands. Always make sure you read the labels! If you’re not sure, skip it.

Easter Dinner – Yum!

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make a gluten-free Easter dinner. Ham is a great option – stud it with some cloves and cook it in pineapple juice for a healthy treat. Chicken and turkeys are also excellent options, as long as they are not stuffed. (I tend to stay away from grain-fed birds as well, just in case.) Simply cook the stuffing separately and everyone will be happy! Roast is great as well; check out this easy recipe that includes gluten-free gravy!

As a side dish, you can do potatoes in so many different ways: I have written about some creative potato options, including a roast potato recipe, and delicious hashbrown casserole! If you choose to serve a salad, make sure to read the ingredients in the dressing; I recommend Renee’s gourmet gluten-free dressings. And, of course, serve the croutons on the side!

Easter Desserts

Finding gluten-free desserts can be a big challenge. Coldstone Creamery makes gluten-free ice cream cakes, although they are pricey and I have heard that options are limited. Death by Chocolate is a family favourite, with layers of gluten-free brownies, whipped topping, pudding, and Skor bars. You can also use gluten-free pound cake with fruit! The options are endless if you think outside of the box.

Whatever you do, have  a happy and safe Easter! And remember – wine is almost always gluten-free!


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