Smoke’s Poutinerie Opening Soon!

There will soon be a new poutine place in town! Smoke’s Poutinerie will soon be open at 5236 Blowers Street (by Pizza Corner). We asked about their gluten-free options and we got a quick, friendly reply.

Unfortunately, none of our gravies are “gluten-free.” Although our peppercorn gravy (beef-based) does not contain any wheat bi-products, it was not made in a gluten-free environment, thus cannot be labelled “gluten-free”. Depending on your sensitivity, this may or may not be an option for you. We are currently testing an officially designated “gluten-free” <gravy?> which we hope to introduce in the near future so please check our website or Facebook for updates.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy our delicious poutine as all our toppings are gluten-free. Just say “Hold the gravy”. Hope you give us a try!

Although poutine isn’t really poutine without the gravy, I am glad that they are at least aware of gluten-free needs and working towards a solution. I think I will be checking out Smoke’s very soon!


UPDATE: Tentative opening date is October 30th! Will keep you posted if we hear anything new!


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