Allergy-Friendly Deli Opens in Okemos, Michigan!

I received this comment from a reader last week, outlining his plans for a gluten-free, allergy-friendly deli! (The original comment can be seen on this post; I have edited for typos.)

This is Steve from Guido’s Pizza. I have just opened the first fully dedicated gluten free deli in the U.S.  The name of the deli will be W.O.W. (with out wheat). We will also cater to people with food allergies.; no nuts, shellfish, soy, etc. We are located in Okemos, MI. I’m the only certified GF cook in Michigan through the NFCA. We will have a full line of deli meats with no nitrates, MSG, food coloring, or added hormones. We will have pies, cupcakes, bagels, pizza, bread sticks, breads, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, and waffle cones – all made on site and GLUTEN FREE. Some of the items will also be dairy and egg free. All food will be competitively priced. Just because the food is labeled gluten free or allergen free should [not] mean that you have to pay a lot. My employees are either celiac or have food allergies. This will ensure that there is no way that we can cross contaminate your food. Any questions, feel free to call 517-347-3030. You can check out customer feedback under the WOW name ( Also check out my new web site,

Thank you, Steve Pollard.

Thanks to Steve for sharing this great info. If anyone gets a chance to check out WOW, let us know how it goes!


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