The Eating is Good in Freeport, Maine!

A few weeks ago, Mike and I took another road trip down through Maine to do some outlet shopping. We were lucky to find great gluten-free eating along the way – particularly in Freeport, Maine.

Our first stop in Freeport was Buck Naked’s BBQ, a super-cool BBQ and juke joint that we ate at last year. This year, their menu is re-designed and they have a gluten-free eating guide available right at the front door. Their options are quite extensive, although I was disappointed to find out that their bottled sauces now contain wheat flour. Be warned: their portions are huge!

A new find was Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern. When we initially sat down and looked at the menu, Mike was concerned that I wouldn’t have very many options. Their menu is focused on chowders, deep-fried seafood, pasta, and sandwiches.

We stuck it out, though, and was I ever glad! When I asked the waitress what was gluten-free, she got a huge grin on her face, and she said, “Almost everything.” Now, I’ve heard that before, but this time it was true! They have gluten-free bread and pastas, as well as gluten-free breading and fryers. They do have plans for a gluten-free menu as well, although it will be almost the same as their regular menu.

I had deep-fried, breaded chicken strips for lunch! The waitress said they are extremely popular with Celiacs, and no wonder! They were super and tasted like the real deal. As well, Mike had a grilled chicken BLT which he swore was the best sandwich he ever had. They also have several versions of French fries and various sides that are all house-made and fantastic. I can’t wait for our next trip to Freeport just to eat here!

Another thing that I discovered on our trip was Green’s gluten-free dark ale. This is the first gluten-free beer that I have had that actually tasted like beer and that I could finish. I need to work on getting it into Canada!

If you’ve found other good eating places along the outlet mall drive, be sure to let us know!


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