All Hands to the Muster Station!

Visited On: November 2, 2011
Gluten Free Menu: No
Server Knowledge:
Server Attitude: 1/2
Variety of Gluten-Free Options: 1/2
Overall Gluten-Friendly Rating:
Price Range: $10-$20 per person (plus tax, tip, and drinks)

Recently, I have heard a lot about The Muster Station; the pub that now occupies the Portland Street location that used to be Porter’s (briefly) and, before that, Boomerang’s. Bill Spurr’s review in The Chronicle Herald made it sound gluten-friendly, and the Urban Spoon says the same. So, when Alice and I were looking for a spot to have supper the other night, I suggested that we give it a shot.

First impressions were not great. We weren’t sure whether the bar or dining room sides was open, so we peeked into the dining room. Then we stood there for about five minutes waiting to be greeted. Then they had to find menus… and finally we had a seat. The gentleman who showed us to our seats was very friendly, however, and made us feel at home.

Although their wine list is short, they have a fair number of beers in different forms (none gluten-free, unfortunately) and a number of interesting cocktails. I tried a raspberry gin fizz and it was delicious!

It took quite a while for our waitress to come back for our orders. Then, when I asked what was gluten-free, she went to check with the chef first. When she returned, she said most things on their menu were suitable, aside from anything labeled as breaded. Their stacks (like a hamburger) are all gluten-free, as are their steaks, French fries, soba noodles, and sandwiches. (They have gluten-free buns.) I opted for the Baker Street Chips ($10) while Alice had the Greek wrap with spinach salad ($9 plus $2 for the salad).

Our orders arrived fairly quickly. My chips were alright. They seemed a bit overcooked and the oil definitely could have used changing, but it didn’t taste like batter. There was also not enough toppings, and the bacon that was on there was a strange shape (almost looked like seaweed) and was overcooked. Alice’s wrap was wrapped in tinfoil and was a good size, as was her side salad. She declared that everything was delicious (and it sure looked that way) and cleaned her plate. Our waitress was back fairly quickly to clear our plates away and bring us the check.

We were so full we didn’t look at a dessert menu, so I unfortunately can’t say whether or not they have anything gluten-free. Overall, we enjoyed our supper and our time catching up. I think if the Muster Station can kick things up a notch and present a truly polished, welcoming pub, then we’ll have a winner on our hands. I know I’ll be back soon for a second visit!

The Muster Station Tap & Grill
590 Portland Street (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
Web Site:


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