Seven Days of Gluten-Free Deliciousness

It’s that time of year when just about everyone is tearing around like a mad hen, trying to get ready for the holidays and keep their sanity. I’m thankful you found the time to read this post! To help you out, I’ve put together a seven-day meal plan with a main entrée, side, and dessert for each day. Each item is linked to its recipe (where necessary), so click away and enjoy!

Weekday Entrée Suggested Side Delicious Dessert
Sunday Vegetarian Lasagna Caesar salad with Renée’s dressing Peanut Butter Cup Fudge
Monday Easy Baked Scallops (use gluten-free bread crumbs like Gillian’s) Homemade mashed potatoes Chocolate Betty Crocker cupcakes
Tuesday Gluten-Free Pizza (try Kinnikinnick frozen crusts and Natural Selections meats) Schoolhouse Gourmet focaccia, baked with garlic butter Chapman’s ice cream
Wednesday Easy Pot Roast Perfect Potato Casserole Oatmeal Bars
Thursday Chex’s Favourite Chicken Nuggets Oven-baked homemade French fries Jell-o chocolate pudding
Friday Parmesan Bow-Tie Skillet Canned mixed vegetables Fresh fruit with whipped topping
Saturday Treat yourself and eat out! We have plenty of reviews and recommendations – just search for “Review!”

Don’t forget: read every label to make sure that all your ingredients are gluten-free!


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