Oliver’s Gastropub at Inn on the Lake Offers All-Around Good Eating

Visited On: December 13, 2011
Gluten Free Menu: Items marked on regular menu
Server Knowledge:
Server Attitude:
Variety of Gluten-Free Options:
Overall Gluten-Friendly Rating:
Price Range: $10-$20 per person (plus drinks, tax, and tip)

I ate at the Encore dining room at Inn on the Lake years ago (pre-Celiac) and although it was just a quick business lunch, the experience stayed with me. Mike and I decided to give their pub, Oliver’s, a try yesterday for lunch.

Although the pub space is fairly small, it is quite cozy and welcoming. We seated ourselves but were greeted right away and offered a beverage. (No wine or beer this time, since it was the middle of the day, but they do offer two gluten-free beers on their drink menu!) When we looked at their menu, the first thing that we noticed was an icon denoting items that could be made gluten-free. (The same applies to the Encore menu.) The options include soup, salad, a clubhouse sandwich, pastas, pizzas, and a variety of entrées. Mike opted for the clubhouse sandwich (with gluten, $8.95 for the sandwich + $5.25 for the pub fries) while I ordered the half pizza with a Caesar salad ($14.25 regularly, up-charge for gluten-free crust). I was pleased to find out that their pepperoni and bacon are both gluten-free.

While we were waiting, our server brought Mike some bread and brought me two Glutino table crackers. I thought that was such a nice gesture; many places either ignore me or pretend that I can eat bread. The waitress also came back to say that they couldn’t do half-orders for gluten-free crusts, so I changed my order to just a full pizza ($17.25).

When our orders were arrived, we were not disappointed. My pizza was huge and probably could have fed both of us. (It was delicious, too, with a nice thin crust and plenty of toppings and cheese!) Mike’s sandwich was a triple-decker that took up the whole plate. The side dish of fries was nicely presented with chipotle and curry mayos for dipping. I appreciated the server’s warning that the fries contain a breading; otherwise I would have been tempted to give them a try!

We were too full to consider dessert, and I forgot to ask if they did have any options, but a quick look at their dessert menu online shows sorbetto and crème brulée, which are usually gluten-free. Considering their care with other items, I am fairly sure that at least these two options would be fine (although I would double-check, of course!).

The icing on the cake came as we were leaving. I noticed a flyer advertising their New Year’s Eve celebrations, featuring a five-course meal and brunch in the morning. The flyer noted that the meal could be made gluten-free and that the brunch would include gluten-free items. I thought it was super that they designed the package to be gluten-friendly!

Even if we don’t make it back for New Year’s Eve, I am looking forward to trying their Encore dining room for the next special occasion!

Inn on the Lake
Oliver’s Gastropub and Encore Dining Room

3009 Highway #2 (Fall River)
902-861-3480 or 1-800-463-6465
Web Site:


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