The Great BBQ Adventure Begins!

Summer is a great season for getting outside and enjoying barbequed food. If you’re not much of a chef, or you want that summery taste all year round, Halifax has some great barbeque options.

Downtown Halifax is home to two different restaurants. Boneheads BBQ on Barrington Street says, “All of our meats are gluten-free and [so are] two of our sauces (sweet and red).” Their gluten-free sides include coleslaw, chili, and a garden salad with Apple Vinaigrette. Just make sure that you specify that you want your order gluten-free.

Up a few blocks on Argyle Street we’ve got Q Smokehouse and Southern Barbeque. Unfortunately, their website does not list any gluten-free options, and they haven’t responded to our requests for information, so we’re not sure how gluten-friendly they are. (We’ll find out in the coming weeks, though, and report back!)

On the other side of the bridge, Woody’s Bar-B-Q has just opened in Dartmouth Crossing. They say that their U.S. gluten-free menu also applies to their Canadian locations, but we found out first-hand that that isn’t quite true. Options listed on the menu include ribs, sliced pork, BBQ chicken, mesquite chicken, chicken wings, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Most of their sides are gluten-free as well. Make sure that you check with your server to confirm what your options are. For example, in Dartmouth their mesquite barbeque sauce does have gluten, although it’s listed as a gluten-free option on the U.S. menu.

In the coming weeks, we’ll review all three places. Share your thoughts with us as we embark on the great barbeque adventure!


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