Boneheads is What BBQ Should Be

Visited On: March 23, 2012
Gluten Free Menu: No
Server Knowledge:
Server Attitude:
Variety of Gluten-Free Options: 1/2
Overall Gluten-Friendly Rating:
Price Range: $10-$25 per person (plus beverages and tax)

Our next stop on our Great BBQ Adventure was Boneheads, a hole in the wall spot at the southern end of Barrington Street. Mike warned me several times not to expect anything fancy and that we may not be able to even get a table.

I understood what he meant when we walked in. Boneheads is quite small, with an ordering counter at the back, fridges to the left, and tables with seating for around 20 crammed in together on the right. However, I grew up going to John’s Lunch (pre-Celiac), so it immediately felt homey and welcoming. (Most people order takeout, but being 30 minutes away, it wasn’t an option for us.)

Mike had tweeted Bonehead’s last week to ask about gluten-free options, so I already had an idea of what I was going to have. We ordered at the counter, cafeteria-style, and the staff were really friendly and helpful. They have a recipe book behind the counter that has gluten-free info, so they double-checked their list before taking my order. I chose the shredded BBQ chicken with a garden salad as my side ($15.99), and Sprite to drink. (My meal included an additional side, but the only other gluten-free options were chili and coleslaw, neither of which I like.) Mike had the rib combo plate with pulled pork, French fries, and beans ($20.99).

We took a seat at one of the few remaining tables and they called out our order just a few minutes later. My plate looked kind of depressing, but both the shredded BBQ chicken and the garden salad were very good. (I was particularly impressed by the salad; it was small but the veggies were very fresh and it was nicely presented, albeit in a cardboard dish. An apple vinaigrette complemented the veggies really well.) Two of the three sauces on the table (sweet and red) were gluten-free. I tried the red sauce with the chicken and it was really good; sweet and smoky, but not too spicy. It would have been nice to see ingredients on the bottles, though.

Mike’s plate was huge. I am not a big fan of ribs, but I had a bite of his as I knew they were gluten-free. They were amazing! Even better, there was plenty of them. The pulled pork was just as good – lightly seasoned, moist, and tender. We both liked that the meats are lightly seasoned with a rub and a bit of sauce, with the option to add more sauce table-side. The fries included with Mike’s plate were probably the best I have ever tasted. (I only had one, for testing purposes – they are fried with the onion rings and are not gluten-free.) Mike also reported that the cornbread was pretty good (not as good as Woody’s, though) and that the beans were among the best he had ever had.

We didn’t go for dessert as there are no gluten-free options. Mike left feeling absolutely stuffed; I felt full but not satisfied. However, if they add a few more gluten-free sides and make their fries gluten-free, I can say for sure that they’ll have a few new regulars on their hands.

Boneheads BBQ
1014 Barrington Street (Halifax)
Web Site:


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