Angles Has the Right Stuff

Visited On: March 24, 2012
Gluten Free Menu: No
Server Knowledge:
Server Attitude:
Variety of Gluten-Free Options:
Overall Gluten-Friendly Rating: 1/2
Price Range: $10-$25 per person (plus beverages and tax)

Mike and I have been living in Sackville for almost a year now, so we decided it was time to try some more local fare. Mike loves burgers, and Angles Family Eatery and Pub was promoting Burger Mania III, so that seemed like a good start.

Angles is nothing fancy; both outside and inside, it looks like your typical family-friendly, middle of the road restaurant. However, they are a step above what you would expect (particularly for someone with Celiac disease) in a few ways.

First, there is the service. We were seated right away and I noticed their slush drink menu. I ordered a Singapore Sling slush (!!!) and Mike ordered a beer, but a few minutes later the waitress came back to tell me their slush machine wasn’t working. I ordered a regular sling instead (which was actually quite good). To compensate, she gave us both our drinks at happy hour prices.

When I asked about gluten-free options, she named a few things: steaks, salads, and the seafood casserole (made with rice, not pasta). A few minutes later, another server came over. She explained that she also has Celiac disease and outlined what she normally eats and would recommend. (It turned out that the seafood casserole was off the list – the rice is cooked with stock that contains gluten.) She noted that the Caesar salad is gluten-free without the croutons. (Caesar dressing often contains Worcestershire sauce, which in Canada usually contains barley.) I really appreciated the extra information; I feel a lot safer taking recommendations from someone who has the same intolerance that I do.

Mike decided to try their BBQ sirloin burger with fries ($13.50). I chose the Caesar salad with chicken ($8.00 + $3.00 for the chicken). We enjoyed our drinks and watched the curling game on the TV behind us. The place was quite full, with a mixture of families and small groups, as well as a group preparing for a big birthday party in their private room. Our meals arrived pretty quickly and we dug in.

I was blown away by the Caesar salad. It was easily among the best that I have ever had. The dressing was homemade, the romaine lettuce was incredibly fresh, and there was plenty of real Parmesan and freshly crumbled bacon on top. (There was, in fact, so much bacon that I left a lot behind.) The chicken was lightly seasoned and warm, but not hot (which I prefer). I finished the entire thing and felt quite full afterwards.

Mike’s burger was huge, with a ton of toppings all squashed inside a pretzel bun. The fries were also hand-cut and looked great. (They are not gluten-free, unfortunately.) He found that the sauce wasn’t quite what he expected, with a mustard tang, but the burger was handmade and the toppings were fresh. Overall it was a good, solid meal.

We were running late so we didn’t ask about dessert, but a look at their menu shows that only one option looked to be gluten-free: the bowl of ice cream ($3.00). (At least the price is reasonable!)

If you’re looking for a reliable restaurant where the service is excellent and the food is way above par, Angles is a good bet. It’s not fancy but it’s a great place for a good meal. I’ll be going back just to try a Singapore Sling slush!

Angles Family Eatery and Pub
552 Sackville Drive (Lower Sackville)


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