Wrapping Up Our Great BBQ Adventure

Over the past few weeks, we’ve visited Halifax’s three BBQ restaurants and evaluated how gluten-friendly they are. Our first stop was the brand-new Woody’s Bar-B-Q in Dartmouth Crossing. We received different information about what is/isn’t gluten free. We also found their prices the most expensive and the food the least impressive (which isn’t surprising since it’s a chain).

Next, we visited Boneheads on Barrington Street. Despite its less-than-stellar eating area and lack of gluten-free sides, this was my favorite place. Two of their three sauces are gluten-free, so there are plenty of meat options. The staff was also extremely friendly and made everyone feel at home. Overall, we found that the food was the best, although they need to offer more gluten-free side choices for it to be worth it for Celiacs.

Our final stop was Q on Argyle Street. Although the decor and service is much nicer, and they serve alcohol, only one of the five sauces is gluten-free. As well, many items are marinated in gravy. The food was pretty good, but the lack of sauce is a definite downfall.

Overall, we had a great time feasting on BBQ. Boneheads would probably be our first choice for a return visit if they added a side dish or two. (Maybe a baked potato or some grilled corn?) We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more great BBQ options, too!


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