Introducing What’s For Dinner!

This time of year, we (like many other people) eat out less and cook at home more. The holidays are so jam-packed that it’s nice to enjoy a relaxing meal at home with family.

We’d like to share some of our favourite gluten-free recipes with you, so we’ll be starting a new series called What’s For Dinner. You’ll see regular posts on what we’re having for supper, as well as an easy-to-follow recipe, and perhaps even pictures!

This will be the first entry in the series. The dish that inspired this idea is Market Fresh Pot Roast. This tasty recipe makes about eight servings and requires a slow cooker.

Why We Love It

Very easy and very tasty – you can’t beat that!


  • 1 pound new potatoes (or baker potatoes cut into chunks)
  • 2 cups pearl onions (or regular onions cut into chunks)
  • 2 lb. boneless beef pot roast
  • ¼ cup gluten-free beef broth
  • ½ cup gluten-free Balsamic vinaigrette (recommended: Kraft Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fig Balsamic Dressing)
  • Optional but nice: Chopped fresh chives or parsley


  1. Place all ingredients except chives or parsley into slow cooker. (I like to arrange the vegetables on the bottom, put the roast on top, and then pour the sauces over it.)
  2. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours.
  3. Slice meat and serve with vegetables. Drizzle sauce over top of each plate. If desired, top with chopped fresh chives or parsley.


Hearty vegetables, like steamed broccoli or roasted carrots, round out this meal nicely.

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