A Gluten-Free Day in the City!

Last Saturday, Michael and I spent a wonderful day shopping in the city. As a bonus, we made several excellent gluten-free finds!

We started off with a stop at The Billiard Shop, and then visited The Italian Market across the street. They have an excellent selection of gluten-free pastas, as well as gluten-free desserts in their cafe.

From there, we went to Spring Garden Road. I finally had a chance to visit Pete’s Gluten-Free Eatery! I had a chicken club wrap ($6.99) while Michael had a California Club Panini (also $6.99). The food was delicious – so much so that I purchased similar wraps at Pete’s in Bedford and have made one at home almost every day since! (They are made by La Tortilla Factory. Be careful when purchasing though, as they only offer one gluten-free variety!)

We then browsed around Pete’s in Dresden Row and looked at the gluten-free options. (Tip: If you haven’t been there yet, check out the frozen section!) From there, it was onto Premier Wine and Spirits to see if they had new gluten-free beer options. (Sadly, they just had La Messagere Red.)

We also wanted to visit the Farmer’s Market to check out local gluten-free food suppliers like Schoolhouse Gourmet (in the Pier 21 building) and Odell’s (in the brewery building), but we were a bit too late. That’s OK – it gives us an excuse to go back again!


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