Is Blue Cheese Gluten-Free?

As you are all probably well aware, I love cheese. I would eat cheese at every meal, on everything, if I could. Much to Michael’s chagrin, one of my favourites is blue cheese. Unfortunately, blue cheese used to be on the list of foods not allowed on a gluten-free diet. This is because the mold that gives the cheese its distinctive blue/green veins is usually grown on rye or wheat bread. However, researchers have done significant testing since then and have determined that the cheese itself does not contain gluten. (There is a great report summarizing the findings here.) That being said, always read the label to ensure that the cheese has not been contaminated by additives or processing.


After that, you can go ahead and enjoy that delicious slice of fragrant blue cheese!


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  1. Results are in From the Great Gluten-Free Beer Experiment! | Gluten For Punishment

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