A Gluten-Free Getaway!

Recently, Michael and I took a weekend trip to White Point Beach Resort, a lovely spot on Nova Scotia’s southern shore. We were excited to see that their full-service dining room had a gluten-free menu that covered breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu at the resort was slightly different than the one currently on the website, but they still have about half a dozen options for each mealtime.

  • Breakfast options range from smoothies to a full country breakfast, with bacon (or ham), eggs, beans and gluten-free toast.
  • For lunch, you can choose from a burger (with gluten-free bun), salad, fish cakes, and seafood.
  • Supper options include pasta, steak, chicken, salmon, and salads.
  • They also have a gluten-free maple creme brulée for dessert (although they were unfortunately out of it when we were there).

The menu does come with the standard disclaimer that although they will do everything possible to ensure a safe meal for you, their kitchen is not 100% gluten-free, so cross-contamination is possible. I emphasized that I have Celiac disease to the server and had no problems at all.

I tried their Meadow Brook pork chop ($22) and the striploin steak with mashed potatoes ($25) while we were there. The steak was just OK, but the pork chop was fantastic! I also got to try their homemade gluten-free bread, which was very good. However, to make sure you get some, you should mention that you are gluten-free when making a reservation. (The bread is frozen and thawed upon request, so I missed out the second night since the kitchen was so busy.)

We did not try eating in Founder’s Lounge (the small pub outside the dining room), but the mussels and burger do appear on the lunchtime gluten-free menu, so I am sure they would be able to accommodate gluten-free requests. (They also share the same kitchen as the main dining room.) As well, all rooms come with mini-fridges and microwaves, making it easy to bring and prepare your own meals. (We brought our own breakfast and lunch supplies.)

Overall, we found that our White Point getaway was very gluten-free friendly. We’re looking forward to going back for another visit!


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  1. #1 by Dave on February 24, 2014 - 6:27 pm

    Oh wow, right outside my hometown of Liverpool! 🙂 Next time you pop out, give me a shout, it’d be good to go to White Point and compare notes 😉 Glad you enjoyed it out here!

  2. #3 by glutenfree4hfx on October 14, 2014 - 3:32 pm

    Unfortunately Dave didn’t have a great experience at White Point. Here is his story, shared by his wife in an effort to ensure other Celiacs don’t get sick while dining here.
    My name is Beth and I’m married to Dave, who is an avid follower of yours. We ate out at a restaurant last night and he got glutened so I’m trying to give folks a heads up so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    We went out to White Point Beach Resort which actually has a full gluten-free menu. However, things aren’t always as they seem, and even after calling ahead to make sure things would be okay (we had a bad experience there last Christmas) we were sorely disappointed.

    The wait staff seemed totally unconcerned about Dave’s situation, and even though he ordered a plain hamburger, came up to him before the meal was served and asked “would you mind if there was cheese on your burger?” His response…”yes”. His food was served in a board, as was all the full gluten pizzas ordered by other guests in our party. I’m not sure how you remove gluten from a board, but it’s not something we would try at home.

    In my email to the kitchen last night, I offered a few suggestions regarding their gluten free menu including the following:

    1. Ensure you are able to offer all the same sides to Gf guests as your regular guests. For example if you are offering a GF burger then offer GF fries as well. (Dave was given a single scoop of mashed potatoes because they’re supposedly gluten free).
    2. GF guests pay more for their food but receive much less. Offer comparable portions as well.
    3. Work with the Canadian celiac association to ensure your kitchen does not cross contaminate food. Do not use boards used to serve regular gluten food to serve gluten free food.
    4. Educate your wait staff so they are sensitive to the needs of celiacs. We have received better service and communication at Boston Pizza in Bridgewater than at White point from the staff.

    I wrote to the kitchen last night and got a reply from the chef today. This is what he told me:


    Allow me to first apologize for your experience last night and I hope your husband is feeling better.

    I can assure you that we take the issue very seriously, and in the case of celiac disease we exercise every precaution possible.
    When I spoke to my staff today, they were quite mystified as to how there could have been any contamination with the meal.
    We deal with many people each week with gluten sensitivities as well as food allergies and have not had one guest in memory that has incurred any problems.

    While I appreciate your suggestions, we are, much like any other large food service establishment, not a gluten free facility.
    The process of maintaining a separate fryer ( to be able to offer all of the sides, French fries for example) is unfortunately, quite impractical.
    I believe we offer one of the largest selections for guests who are choosing to reduce gluten in their diet or are forced to as a result of illness.

    Again, I am sorry this has not been your experience.
    I’d like to thank you for taking the time to share your concerns.


    It’s a great day at White Point!
    Alan Crosby
    White Point Executive Chef”

    It’s unfortunate to hear about these kinds of experiences, but it sure is a reminder to all of us that eating out can be tricky and we always have to be vigilant. 😦

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