Gluten-Free Father’s Day Menu!

Father’s Day is this weekend, and we’re planning a fun, casual evening for both sets of parents. Our dads love comforting party food, so we’ve whipped up an easy menu that will perfectly complement your favourite gluten-free beer.


To start things off on the right foot, serve Potachos as a fun appetizer! Simply warm up some gluten-free kettle chips on the oven and top with bacon, melted Cheese Whiz, chopped tomatoes and green onions, and whatever else you can think of.

Another family favourite is this Buffalo Chicken Dip. Serve with gluten-free nachos for a delicious snack.

Main Dishes

For the main course, why not cook up some crispy gluten-free chicken wings. Here’s how:

  1. Split and trim about three dozen wings.
  2. Mix up a batch of our gluten-free fish and chip batter using gluten-free Bisquick.
  3. Dip the wings in the batter.
  4. Deep-fry the wings in batches at 350°F for about eight minutes. (You know they’re done when they start to float.)
  5. Keep warm in metal or ceramic bowls until all wings are cooked.

If you want, you can really impress Dad by making some homemade honey-garlic or Buffalo wing sauce for dipping! (Tip: The Buffalo wing sauce calls for Worcestershire sauce. If you don’t have a gluten-free version, just add a bit more garlic salt to the recipe.)

As a side, why not make some homemade potato salad? Serve with celery and carrot sticks and you’re all set.


For dessert, we love chocolate fondue made with Toblerone bars (which are gluten-free!). Use marshmallows, strawberries, apples, and gluten-free pretzels for dipping. You don’t need a fancy fondue pot either; use a small dip warmer or just take the pot right to the table!

What are you serving up for Father’s Day this weekend? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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