Taste Testing Bread by Rudi’s!

In May, I picked up some Rudi’s tortilla wraps from Jane’s Gluten Free. They were delicious, so I was excited to see their bread in Sobeys grocery stores a few weeks ago. (Jane’s also carries the bread, but due to travel restrictions, I hadn’t picked it up on our last trip.) I tried a loaf of Rudi’s original bread; multigrain and cinnamon raisin flavours were also available.

At $5.99 a loaf, it seems comparable to other gluten-free breads, including my current favourite (Udi’s white bread). However, there is a real difference in size: Udi’s loaves are 340 grams, while Rudi’s are 510 grams. That means that the slices of Rudi’s bread are much bigger. Below, you can see Udi’s on the right and Rudi’s on the left:


Rudi's on the left, Udi's on the right


This also means a difference in nutritional information: the original Rudi’s bread has 90 calories and 3 grams of fat whereas a slice of Udi’s white bread has 70 calories and 2 grams of fat. In terms of ingredients, both the Udi’s and Rudi’s breads are soy, dairy, and nut free. However, Rudi’s products are also organic where Udi’s is not.

Taste-wise, I still prefer Udi’s slightly. The Rudi’s bread is a bit sweet and quite soft even after toasting. However, I find it much more filling due to the size difference. It certainly feels like a better buy, especially since the Udi’s white bread usually costs over $6 a loaf at our local Sobeys.

Weigh in on the Rudi’s vs. Udi’s debate by posting a comment below!


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