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Le Coq Rules the Roost

We’ve been sticking pretty close to home lately, between recovering from Christmas and saving up for our upcoming trip down South. However, last night we ventured out to the Everything to do With Sex show downtown, and what better place to grab a bite to eat beforehand than Bistro Le Coq?

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The Truth About Danone’s Activia Yogurt

This week, I heard some disturbing rumors that Danone’s Activia yogurt contains gluten. Yogurt has been described as a superfood for Celiacs; why would it have gluten?

Here’s the deal right from Danone: Read more…

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Traveling in Style and Gluten-Free!

I’m sorry we haven’t been posting much lately; we just got Christmas wrapped up when we found out that we were going to the sunny Caribbean at the beginning of February!

I’m excited to go even though there will be challenges with my diet. I have traveled to Cuba safely, so I don’t anticipate that the English-speaking island will be a problem. However, there are some things that I do before every trip to make things easier and more enjoyable.

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The Debate Over Gluten in Skin Care Products

There is a big debate about whether skin products with ingredients that Celiacs would normally avoid are safe or not. Specialists say they are safe since Celiac disease isn’t really an allergy – it’s an intolerance that primarily affects the intestinal tract. However, some people with Celiac disease say that they react to skin products […]

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Easy Meatballs for Any Occasion!

I’ve discovered a fantastic meal and appetizer that is so easy! Superstore has new mini beef meatballs that contain no gluten! Even better, they also sell a tangy meatball sauce that also contains no gluten. These products aren’t sold as gluten-free but are not marked with any allergy warnings. Even better, preparation is super easy. […]

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Has Kellogg’s Changed Their Mind?

Last year, Kellogg launched a gluten-free version of Rice Krispies in the United States, but chose not to do so in Canada. (Read the post here.) However, Gluten Free Doll reports that gluten-free Rice Krispies will come to Canada this month!

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