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Another Burger Place to Krave!

For several months, Halifax has been waiting for Krave Burger, its newest gourmet burger joint, to open its doors. Last month, they released a sneak peek of their menu. It included an icon for many gluten-free options, including French fries. We all know what that usually means: cross-contaminated and not suitable for Celiacs.

Still, I was curious, so I tweeted them to ask if they would have a dedicated fryer. Their response was amazing:



We couldn’t ask for much more than that!

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Going Vegan at Envie

Let’s face it: Michael and I are about as far away from vegetarians as you can imagine. A vegan diet, where cheese is off the menu too, would be completely out of the question. However, we’ve heard great things about enVie and we finally got a chance to check it out.

We arrived at the restaurant early on a Thursday evening and took a seat inside, where we were the only customers. (The patio outside was full.) The atmosphere was very quiet, soothing, and relaxing – perfect for the end of a long week. We started off with drinks (a Boxing Rock Temptation Red ale for Michael and a glass of Blomidon L’Acadie Blanc for me). The enVie menu is very allergen-friendly and easy to understand. Gluten, soy, and nut free options are all marked with either an indicator of no allergen as-is, or an explanation of what modifications need to be made. There is also a handy booklet at the table describing various ingredients and terms as well as a list of the restaurant’s local suppliers.

We decided on an order of buffalo risotto cakes (two for $8) for an appetizer. For the main course, I chose the Filet-o-Fresh (tofu burger with tartar sauce, greens, and a “cheese slice” made from cashews, $13 + $1.50 for a gluten-free bun from Odell’s) and upgraded to a poutine for the side dish (additional $2). Michael ordered the Moroccan Chickpea Bowl ($14) on our server’s recommendation.

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Alexandra’s “Gluten-Free” Pizza Not Safe for Celiacs

A few weeks ago, local pizza chain Alexandra’s joined Twitter (and followed our blog). I got extremely excited about their first tweet:


Tweet from Alexandra's Pizza about gluten-free crust

I immediately tweeted at them asking for more information. They put me in touch with their marketing consultant, who has family members with Celiac and who seemed to really understand my concerns about gluten-containing ingredients and cross-contamination. Her first e-mail gave some information, including the fact that the dough is made off-site to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.

But then something weird happened.

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Urban Dining in Bedford with Resto

Last spring, we were sad to see Bedford favourite The Cellar close, but when their general manager teamed up with her family to open Resto Urban Dining in the same space, we were pretty excited. It’s been almost a year since Resto opened its doors so we decided it was time to finally pay them a visit.

Although we arrived at around 5 p.m. on a Friday, the place was in a bit of chaos due to a number of graduation events. (They also seemed somewhat understaffed.) We were disappointed that the much-lauded rooftop patio was completely booked but took a seat on the small front patio overlooking the Bedford Highway. To begin, I ordered a daiquiri ($7) and Michael ordered a red ale by Garrison
($5.50). A couple of notes on the food menu immediately grabbed my attention: all pizzas can be made gluten-free and you can substitute rice or quinoa pasta in any pasta dish. There is no upcharge for either item, which is really nice.

I asked our server about gluten-free options.

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Checking Out Morris East at Bedford West

I’ve heard fantastic things about the downtown location of Morris East, and it’s been on our wishlist for quite a while. We had a chance to visit the Bedford West location last weekend and were not disappointed.

We arrived at the restaurant (located off of Larry Uteck Drive) at about 6 p.m. and were seated right away. (We were surprised at how quiet it was for a Friday night, but it picked up before we left.) Michael ordered a Morris East Fire Tap (a blend from Garrison Brewing, $6) to drink while I chose The Redhead, one of their signature cocktails ($10). We looked over the menu, which states that all pizzas can be made gluten-free with a $3.50 upcharge for the crust. We asked our server about other options as well as the size of the pizzas. All of their salads can be made gluten-free, as can their potato chip starter, charcuterie board, dips, and flatbread. Main meal options vary by the night, as does their gluten-free status (although a wood-fired steak is a permanent feature and can be made gluten-free).

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Vinland Offers a Great Getaway

Several months ago, I read an article about Vinland, a small restaurant in Portland, Maine that uses all-organic ingredients sourced locally. We had a chance to visit it on the long weekend, just as ferry service from Yarmouth was starting back up again. (Vinland is just a few blocks from the ferry terminal, making it an easy choice for Nova Scotian visitors!)

Reservations are highly recommended at Vinland, and I understood why when we got there. It is quite a small space, seating less than 50 people. The atmosphere is upscale yet casual, making it a comfortable spot to hang out and enjoy a good meal. That was our first surprise. The second surprise came when we asked our server about gluten-free options. She informed me that the kitchen does not use gluten at all. The only item that may not be safe for Celiacs is the oats, as they cannot guarantee that cross-contamination doesn’t happen during its growing and processing. (That being said, always ask your server about gluten-free options and make sure they’re aware of your needs.)

With that in mind, we ordered some drinks to start. I chose the Queen James, which featured a local cider with blackcurrant liqueur. Michael had a local, organic beer from Peak Brewing Company. We also decided to have the appetizer on special: charred ramp with duck egg and truffle salt.

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Tide & Boar is a Little Bit Boring for Celiacs

Our second place on our U.S.-bound road trip last week was The Tide & Boar, a gastropub in Moncton. Pubs can be tricky for Celiacs to eat at, but I was hopeful that this would actually be a gastropub, which typically focuses on fresh, local food.

We were off to a good start when I asked about gluten-free options and was told that there was a gluten-free menu. Michael ordered one of the craft beers on tap while I stuck with a Diet Pepsi since we still had the drive to Woodstock ahead of us. (They do have Mongozo beer and Magners’ cider, which are both gluten-free. The selection isn’t as nice as their regular beer menu but it’s nice to have some options.)

The waiter quickly came back with the gluten-free menu, which is just a copy of the regular menu with notations as to what can be made gluten-free. The waiter also explained that they do not have a dedicated fryer. This meant that many of the items marked gluten-free aren’t suitable for Celiacs.

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