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Masstown Market Offers Gluten-Free Dining

I found out that Catch of the Bay Fish & Chips at Masstown Market  in Debert prepares many gluten-free items. They shared this information with the New Glasgow chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association:

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New Glasgow’s Gluten-Free Goodies Are Worth The Trip

A few weeks ago I posted about Gluten-Free Goodies, a gluten-free bakery in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. This weekend, I was visiting some friends in Pictou, and they dropped off a big sampler package. (Disclaimer: I am friends with the nephew of one of the owners.) I was drooling just at the sight of it!

Gluten-free desserts

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Snack Away at Obladee!

Mike and I stopped by Obladee Wine Bar on Barrington Street (across from the Discovery Center) last Friday for a drink. Imagine my surprise when I found all sorts of gluten-free stuff in their snack list!

Their menu focuses on wines by the glass and bottle, but they have a wide range of charcuterie (prepared meat products), cheeses, and condiments. Since most things are prepared by hand, I would say that many of them are likely gluten-free. (It’s hard to say definitively since some of their offerings change daily, but things certainly looked promising. Their menu is also available online at

Now, most platters come with bread, which is obviously not an option for Celiacs. They do have gluten-free crackers, however! And after you’re done stuffing your face with wine and cheese, try out a gluten-free truffle or two!

I was too full that night to try any of their snacks, but trust me – I’ll be back there soon to do a full investigation!

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Sightings of Chex in Canada!

Chex is now on the Canadian General Mills product page at There is also a sign-up box for a gluten-free newsletter!

I have also had some confirmed visual sightings of Chex in some Canadian stores. I haven’t seen it here yet, but if YOU spot Chex, please comment or e-mail us and let us know where you found it!

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Jamieson’s Irish House is a Real Gem

My best friend came home from Calgary a few weeks ago and wanted to get together for lunch. When he asked where I wanted to go, I immediately said Jamieson’s, a small Irish restaurant just ten minutes from where we both were. (It’s too fancy to be called a pub, in my opinion!) I had had a quick look at their gluten-free menu last year and wanted another try.

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Gluten-Free Rice Krispies Now Available in the U.S.

According to the Rice Krispies Web site, gluten-free Rice Krispies are now available.

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Sail Ahead to the Pilot House!

The long weekend this year found Mike and I in PEI. To celebrate our anniversary, I asked him to make a reservation at a nice restaurant. I made a list of possibilities, he did some research and made some calls, and we ended up at The Pilot House in Charlottetown.

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