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Finbar’s is Fin-tastic for Celiacs

Mike and I have frequented Finbar’s Irish Pub a fair bit over the last few years, and even more so since we moved to the Sackville area. Originally, we went there because they marked gluten-free items on their menu. Those items have been on and off the menu over the past few years, and we’re happy to say that they’re back on as of this month.

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My Favorite Gluten-Free Beer So Far Is…

The good news: I have finally found a gluten-free beer that I actually like. It’s made by a dedicated gluten-free beer company (Green’s) and is called Dubbel Dark Ale. It tastes like barley-based beers – not like a mouthful of dead rice.

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Doing Turkey Dinner Gluten-Free

It’s the time of year when turkey seems to be everywhere. There’s nothing worse than being left out of the feast – except for eating food that is supposed to be safe and then getting sick afterwards. However, the good news is that it’s quite easy to cook a gluten-free turkey dinner!

To start, make sure that you talk with the person who has allergies to confirm what their needs are.

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All Hands to the Muster Station!

Recently, I have heard a lot about The Muster Station; the pub that now occupies the Portland Street location that used to be Porter’s (briefly) and, before that, Boomerang’s. Bill Spurr’s review in The Chronicle Herald made it sound gluten-friendly, and the Urban Spoon says the same. So, when Alice and I were looking for a spot to have supper the other night, I suggested that we give it a shot.

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