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Gluten-Free Fudgsicles Do Exist!

Last year, we reported that Fudgsicles are not gluten-free, but that has changed! In the past, every Fudgsicle I had ever looked at (including those from the Popsicle company) had malt extract, which is made from barley.

However, Chapman’s Ice Cream has once again come to our rescue. They just released gluten-free Fudgsicles!

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More Ways to Enjoy Pizza Taste!

I often find that after making pizza, I have leftover meats and cheese. I usually make this delicious gluten-free casserole to use up the leftovers. It’s really flexible; you can use whatever meat you have on hand, and you can add vegetables to the ingredients if you want!

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Delta Airlines Meals Are Not Gluten-Free

Here’s a scary reminder that we need to read every ingredient, all the time! In her latest post, blogger Elaine Taylor-Klaus talks about how her family was served a gluten-containing meal on Delta airlines that was marked gluten-free. This is the third time that this has happened! Even worse, Delta Airlines places the blame on […]

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Satisfying That Pizza Craving

One of the toughest things to find a good gluten-free replacement for is pizza. Over the past few years, I have found a few good substitutes, though, and I thought I’d share my findings.

Obviously, you have two options: make pizza at home or go out. Personally, I like making pizza at home because you have more control and the risk of cross-contamination is far less. Here are the at-home options I’ve tried and how it went.

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Forget Supper, I’ll Just Have Dessert!

The Middle Spoon has been on my wish list since it appeared on Barrington Street last summer. After all, they are a desserterie, and how cool is that word? A recent outing for a review left me still hungry, so we figured we’d stop in and check it out. Our first impression at the ultra-chic décor and the bartender in the three-piece suit was “Wow!”

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More Gourmet Burgers Coming to Halifax!

Exciting news: two more gourmet burger joints are opening in the Halifax area!

The one we are most excited about is Relish Gourmet Burgers. They will be opening a Halifax location on Quinpool Road (in the old Blockbuster location) sometime in the near future. Even better, they will have gluten-free buns, lots of burger options, and their French fries will be gluten-free.

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Gluten-Free Easter Dessert Ideas

Recently, The Chronicle Herald featured three Easter dessert recipes (a cake, a torte, and a frosting) that are all gluten-free. I have reproduced them here to make your gluten-free Easter cooking a delight!

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