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Happy First Birthday To Us!

Today we are celebrating our first birthday! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read our posts, shared our blog, contributed news, and shared their comments. Our fan base is still growing strong – we had one of our best days yesterday!

Our first posts last year talked about our reasons for starting the blog and featured a review of The Keg in Halifax. Other exciting news that we covered included:

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Gluten-Free Entertaining Made Easy!

If you’re hosting a gathering, it can be tricky to find good gluten-free appetizers to include on the menu. We have some suggestions to help you out!

Cheese Please!

Most cheese is gluten-free, so as long as your gluten-free guests aren’t dairy free, a nice cheese tray with some gluten-free crackers is a good choice.

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New Tests Question Gluten-Free Beer

A test has finally been developed to accurately measure gluten levels in malted beverages, like beer and coolers. Many companies (including the American version of Mike’s Hard coolers) claim that the brewing process eliminates gluten from their product. A new test on eight gluten-free beers showed that only two were actually gluten-free. You can read […]

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Happy Holidays!

No matter what you are celebrating this holiday season, we hope that you have a safe, happy, and gluten-free time! We’ll be posting some great tips and recipes later on this week so check back soon!

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Gluten Makes the Google Zeitgeist List for 2011

Google Zeitgeist provides different lists of how the world searched in 2011. In their list of Canadian “what-is” searches, “What is gluten?” was number six! For the U.S. list, it was number four! This confirms yet again that people are becoming more aware of gluten. Let’s just hope that Google pointed them to somewhere with accurate, reliable information!

PS: If you’re looking for information on what gluten is, check out our post, “Getting Started Gluten-Free.”

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Oliver’s Gastropub at Inn on the Lake Offers All-Around Good Eating

I ate at the Encore dining room at Inn on the Lake years ago (pre-Celiac) and although it was just a quick business lunch, the experience stayed with me. Mike and I decided to give their pub, Oliver’s, a try yesterday for lunch.

Although the pub space is fairly small, it is quite cozy and welcoming. We seated ourselves but were greeted right away and offered a beverage. (No wine or beer this time, since it was the middle of the day, but they do offer two gluten-free beers on their drink menu!) When we looked at their menu, the first thing that we noticed was…

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Review of Evan’s Seafood

I had planned on doing a review today, but Bill Spurr from the Chronicle Herald beat me to it! Today’s review in the Chronicle Herald is on Evan’s Seafood in Alderney Gate (Dartmouth). Check it out here!

Side Note: Schoolhouse Gourmet supplies their products, and confirms that they do use a dedicated fryer!

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