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Edna Serves Up Plenty of Gluten-Free Delights

The Halifax food scene has been abuzz since the opening of Edna. It’s owned by Jenna Mooers, who is the daughter of Jane Wright (former owner of the now-defunct jane’s on the common). Last Friday, we decided to give it a try.

The décor and atmosphere at Edna is quite similar to other new restaurants that have recently opened in Halifax. A big, open room; bright, modern design; and closely grouped tables create an intimate, chic atmosphere. To start, I had a glass of Benjamin Bridge Nova 7, while Michael tried Big Spruce’s
Cereal Killer stout. We also asked the waitress about gluten-free options. She pointed out a few things on the menu (which changes daily) and then said, “Really, we can adjust almost anything to make it gluten-free.” That’s what we like to hear!

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What’s For Dessert? Better Than Anything Cake!

Every dinner needs some dessert, and we love this yummy cake! There have been several varieties of “Better Than Anything” cake circulating on the Internet for several months now. Here is our version of it, based on a favourite family recipe.

Why We Love It

We love Death by Chocolate, and this recipe is an even easier version with a lot of the same flavours. It’s great for a family barbeque!

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Advil From the United States Not Suitable for Celiacs

We belong to a number of Celiac and gluten-free groups on Facebook, and sometimes I see things that just boggle my mind. (Yesterday, I saw someone claiming to be a health practitioner stating that corn contains gluten and the FDA lies about it. Sigh.)

This morning, I saw another crazy claim: Advil contains gluten. I know for sure this isn’t true: I take a lot of Advil, and I was sure that I read somewhere that medication is mandated to be gluten-free. So off I go to the Advil site, and right on their FAQ page is this statement:

I am allergic to gluten. Is it all right for me to take this product?

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Tim Hortons’ Gluten-Free Coconut Macaroons Pass the Taste Test

I had the chance to pick up some of Tim Hortons‘ new gluten-free coconut macaroons yesterday. They come in packages of two, for $1.29 per package:

Tim Hortons Macaroons

Their regular, gluten-containing cookies are 89 cents plus tax, so that is a pretty comparable price. As you can see, each package is individually wrapped and clearly labelled gluten-free, with the Canadian Celiac Association logo on the right. Each macaroon is about the size of a golf ball.

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Tim Hortons Does a 180!

Tim Hortons has always been a no-go for Celiacs. Their allergen guide states, “If you have a food allergy, we recommend that you refrain from eating our products.” Ouch!

However, all that has changed with a new, Canadian Celiac Association-certified gluten-free coconut macaroon! Read more…

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More Gluten-Free Convenience Foods Appearing in Stores

One of the things that I found most difficult about being diagnosed with Celiac disease was the extra work that had to go into grocery shopping, meal planning, and preparation. No longer could I grab a frozen pizza off the store shelf and serve it to my family for supper. Since then, more convenience options have come out, but they are usually pretty pricey.

However, last week I found… Read more…

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